July 1, 2019

***Look at your water bill as soon as possible.  If you were not billed $6.00 for ground ambulance this month, YOU WILL NOT have GROUND AND AIR AMBULANCE COVERAGE BEGINNING IN AUGUST.***  If ambulance membership is already on your bill, you will not be required to take any action.  Your membership will be updated for only $1.00 more.  Please contact the city office to have this membership added or if you have further questions.

More information can be found below in Mayor Mark’s article:

We are blessed as a City to have Christus EMS and PHI/Flight for Life Air Medical as part of a package we can now offer our citizens. City and County Officials recently met together at the PHI/Flight for Life hangar in a Public Relations event to announce the selection of Christus EMS for both air and ground ambulance support within Van Zandt County and the City of Wills Point.

Mike Adams, Christus EMS Marketing Manager said, “We have a program available that covers any medically necessary transports you would have, whether it be air or ground.”

Jim Speier, Flight for Life Marketing Manager stated, “Flight For Life has partnered with Christus and PHI to bring the program together. The PHI membership is a national membership. It covers all aircraft operated by PHI, 18 bases scattered across Texas and bases within the nation that are covered as well. A flyer will be made available in the future that will show where those locations are. The thing to remember about the membership program is that is only covers PHI aircraft. This membership covers you, your household, and up to 3 other individuals that may be living with you.”

Also attending the event was Shawn Salter who is the Christus EMS Chief Administrative Officer. Shawn said, “We are so pleased to have been selected as the service provider for both the air and ground ambulance in Van Zandt County. It is an opportunity to partner with communities and continue to provide services to the citizens of Van Zandt County and Wills Point. It has been a very healthy partnership and we look forward to many years of continued service. We recognize that everything in healthcare comes at a price. For those that might have a limited budget or struggling financially, looking forward and forecasting your healthcare needs, this is one way to help protect yourself should you ever have a need arise that causes you to be transported by either ground or air within the community.”

County representatives Judge Don Kirkpatrick and Commissioner Keith Pearson were also in attendance. Judge Kirkpatrick addressed the attendees and stated, “We’ve shared many years of a great partnership and look forward to many more years. We appreciate the efforts you have made through this contract period. It is a great thing for the citizens of Van Zandt County and can help many families.” Commissioner Pearson followed up with saying, “Christus, Van Zandt County, and all the towns in Van Zandt County took a program and made it even better. I am very pleased with how it came out.”

City Councilman Mike Jones joined in the praise for the service when he shared, “What I like about the program is that nothing is higher for a family who can’t afford it than health expense. We believe with this partnership; this is something everybody can afford and everybody needs. Nobody thinks they can afford this until they need it. This is a very proactive way for people to be protected at a very difficult time in their life and we are just proud to be a part of that with Christus and this fine group of folks. We are very pleased.”

John Holden, Christus EMS Regional Manager expressed, “Christus EMS is proud to be partnered with Van Zandt County and all the cities within Van Zandt County. EMS is very proud of the job they do and look forward to many more years.”

What this means for the citizens of Wills Point is that we will not only have excellent ground ambulance service but, for $1 extra a month, will also have coverage for air ambulance. My daughter had to utilize an air ambulance two years ago and the cost was over $52,000. This additional coverage is critical and can save families from financial ruin should they need an air ambulance. The $1 will be added to the water bill of every citizen that currently has a residential city water meter unless there is a signature on file denying ambulance coverage. This is an outstanding benefit for Wills Point.

Last modified: July 1, 2019

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