Wills Point EDC Mission Statement

The mission of the Wills Point Economic Development Corporation is to promote and enhance economic opportunities through the attraction of new ventures. The Corporation will assist Wills Point in attracting new ventures by helping to provide an economic environment that is business friendly and conducive to productivity and prosperity to include the utilization of the airport as an economic asset essential to the acquisition of business within both the industrial park and airport grounds. In addition, the EDC fosters an economic development environment through promotion, cooperation and communication between the public and private sector, enabling an increased standard of living for our residents and enrich their quality of life.


1) Lead and coordinate economic initiatives within the City to foster the creation of new jobs.

2) Cooperate with other economic development agencies and organizations to improve our development efforts.

3) Communicate the importance and benefits of economic development to all businesses and government sectors.

4) Attract new business and promote city-wide enhancements that improve the economy of Wills Point.

5) Pursue grants, agency funding and contributions that support the mission statement.

6) Provide input, leadership and research through public forums in order that informed decisions can be presented and a positive image of Wills Point is developed in the minds of the public and private sectors.

7) Promote Wills Point on a regional, statewide, national, and international level.

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