Located on Highway 80 between Dallas and Tyler, Wills Point Texas has quickly become a place to live, work and play based on its convenient location.  Whether you enjoy bird watching, lake recreation, shopping, meeting friendly people or great food, Wills Point can accommodate!

Founded in 1873, Wills Point gets its name from its first American settler, William Wills, who had arrived in the area in about 1846 and built a cabin. The name ‘point’ may also derive from the shape of the original timberline near the Wills cabin, though there have been unfounded arguments that the name relates to the area’s elevation. The layout of the city was the work of engineer General Grenville M. Dodge of the California Construction Company. The downtown streets were laid with red bricks upon packed sand in the 1920′s by locals and remain in use to this day. Downtown Wills Point has many of its original buildings that are over a hundred years old including the Wills cabin, a drug store, a dry good store, and a law office. Governor George W. Bush officially named Wills Point as the Bluebird Capital of Texas in 1995.

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